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Dr. Thomas P. Baggott is our lead consultant and he oversees all cases undertaken by Jury Behavior Research. Dr. Baggott has an extensive background in the court system, as well as the clinical world. He has been retained by corporate giants such as General Motors, America Online, Lloyds of London, General Electric and the U-Haul Corporation.

Tom holds two undergraduate degrees, as well as a Master's Degree and a Ph.D. He is a Fellow of the American College of Forensic Examiners and a Diplomate of the American Board of Psychological Specialties. He has worked extensively with physicians, hospitals and businesses on cases with exceptionally high client exposure.

Dr. Baggott maintains a current caseload of at least 12 cases per year with an exposure of more than ten million dollars per case.

Dr. Baggott has an extensive history of presentations and publications and is a sought-after speaker. He has presented papers to the Defense Research Institute, as well as various bar associations, both state and national, on topics including trial simulations, focus group studies, medical malpractice and the behavior of jurors. Dr. Baggott's work has been published in various professional journals and he is quoted in training manuals. He is a contributing author to The Medical Malpractice Case: From Screening to Jury; he is the author of the book Cultivating Effective Lawyer-Juror Relationships: Understanding the Process.

You may reach Dr. Baggott via e-mail at:

To download a copy of Dr. Baggott's Curriculum Vitae please click on the following link: Curriculum Vitae Small Adobe PDF Icon


Dr. Goldman has been doing forensic work for more than 25 years. He began this aspect of his career by conducting evaluations of parents and children involved in difficult and often contentious custody disputes. These evaluations often involved courtroom testimony. He has testified in numerous cases as an expert witness.

For the past ten years, his clinical specialty has been PTSD, working with victims of sex offenses. During this time, he began his association with Jury Behavior Research. As a staff member, he has organized trial simulations for civil matters throughout the United States. His work includes detailed consultation with attorneys and insurance company representatives to ensure that the trial simulations address all relevant and pertinent issues. He analyzes and interprets the immense amount of data generated by these social science projects and prepares a report which includes case strengths, case weaknesses and strategies to optimize success. In addition, his report includes a detailed juror profile.

Dr. Goldman also works as a jury selection consultant and provides witness preparation. This involves developing juror questionnaires, analyzing the results, and in-court assistance with jury selection. His witness preparations are behaviorally based, to give the witness every advantage with the jury. His clinical and forensic experience combine to make him a significant resource for a variety of judicial purposes.

Dr. Goldman's Curriculum Vitae can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Curriculum Vitae Small Adobe PDF Icon

You may reach Dr. Goldman via e-mail at:


Dr. Wayne R. Hill has been a consultant in Traverse City, Michigan since 1983. Dr. Hill has been closely associated with Dr. Baggott for more than 15 years. They often work as a team and provide dynamic input into difficult cases. Dr. Hill also continues to maintain a clinical practice, through which he performs court-ordered psychological evaluations and provides consultation services to the private sector.

Dr. Hill's background in the justice system is both varied and extensive. Dr. Hill is a former member of the Dallas (Texas) Police Department, where he served as a staff psychologist and hostage negotiator. Currently, he is the staff psychologist to the Traverse City Police Department. He is nationally known for his expertise in the treatment of psychological disorders related to trauma and anxiety.

Dr. Hill is a published author, with several articles printed in professional journals. Dr. Hill is highly acclaimed academically: he was inducted into Psi Chi, the national honor society for psychology; he is a member of Sigma Xi, the scientific research society for scientists; he is a Diplomate in clinical forensic psychology with the American College of Forensic Examiners; and he is a member of the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Hill's primary field of trial consulting expertise is witness preparation. Dr. Hill works from the basic concept that the more a jury approves of you, the more weight they tend to give your testimony. Working within an appropriate ethical framework, he can assist attorneys with increasing the approval rating of their witnesses.

Dr. Hill is also the primary training member of Jury Behavior Research. He is a highly respected educator who is well known by many agencies involved in the justice field.

Dr. Hill's Curriculum Vitae can be obtained by clicking on the following link: Curriculum Vitae Small Adobe PDF Icon.


Ms. Holm is a Consultant with Jury Behavior Research. She specializes in the planning, operation, and analysis of data from trial simulations, which are commonly referred to as focus groups. She has over a dozen years of experience supervising trial simulations and the management of their planning. She coordinates all in-office preparations for focus groups and manages most on-site operations. She observes the deliberations of more than 40 panels of surrogate jurors in an average year to determine logic trends. She coordinates all trial simulation projects, from contract to final report. Ms. Holm is the designated problem-solver for all issues involving trial simulations.

Melisa began her career in trial consulting a decade ago, when she interned with Dr. Baggott and began her journey into the management intricacies of a research firm. In her position as a Trial Consultant, she can be found at the home office in Tucson, when not out supervising projects on site. When conducting trial simulations, she can usually be found crunching numbers as the project moves along so she, and other consultants, can have meaningful on-site dialogue with clients and attorneys as the project unfolds.

Ms. Holm's academic credentials are outstanding. She earned a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Arizona, where she maintained an overall GPA of 3.8. In her final semester, she took a full course load, worked in her internship and functioned as a teacher's assistant for a class of over 600 students. In spite of all these activities, she maintained a 4.0GPA for that final semester. The dedication shown to her labors in college is continuously displayed at Jury Behavior Research.

Ms. Holm may be reached via e-mail at: As Ms. Holm is often traveling with Jury Behavior Research, she may also be reached via cell at (520) 878-6633.


Ms. McCoy is a paralegal and the client relations contact at Jury Behavior Research.

Ms. McCoy has worked in the Arizona legal community as a paralegal for several years. She is a highly skilled paralegal who brings new capabilities and assets to our work, and extends the services we can provide to our clients. In addition to her paralegal duties, Lora manages the planning calendar, as well as client relations.

Ms. McCoy may be reached at or via telephone, at (520) 561-6640.


Mr. Boyan has an extensive background working as a graphic consultant with law firms across the nation. He is well known in the transportation industry for his graphic explanations of component failures. Mr. Boyan works closely with the consultants to design graphics that assist in teaching the jurors. Mr. Boyan is an expert in the use of subtle color changes to focus the attention of the jurors on the items of importance and concern.

Mr. Boyan's work includes anatomy, construction, design, charts and graphs, among others. His work is used with foam core boards, slides, overheads, ELMO presentations, PowerPoint and Trial Director presentations, as well as full animations.