Jury consultant and Trial consultant group

We are all about winning.

We don't just show spreadsheets and graphics,
we tell you what you need to do to win.


Trial consultant- Jury consultantWe don't pull our punches. You hire us to give you real
information for litigation decisions and we give it to you.

Jury Behavior Research is a national trial consultant firm based in Arizona. We have three senior trial consultants who have obtained their doctoral degrees in psychology and a resident trial consultant who has earned her Master's degree in psychology. We have been providing litigation support for more than 15 years and our lead trial consultant has been providing his expertise for 30 years. Our unofficial company motto is "We are all about winning." While we follow strict ethical guidelines in all our endeavors, we pride ourselves on a corporate ability to analyze the problems as they really exist and provide solutions. We are proud of the fact that we take on some of the very scariest cases.

Lead Trial and Jury consultant Dr. Thomas Baggott explains how JBR is different

  • Trial consultant Dr. Thomas Baggott give a detailed explaination of how Jury Behavior Research's methodology is different from other Jury Consutlant firms. He decscribes how Jury Behavior Research employs its scientific methodology and high ethical standards to trial consulting, the jury selection process and mock trials.